When in Lethbridge…

You go straight to Andrew Hilton Wine & Spirits

Josh and I took a detour on our way home from Calgary last month to meet with Devon and his team there. We came to pour and we left with more bottles than we came with. It’s nice to see that natural wine has another home in AB and hopefully the people there know how lucky they are to have selection like that.

Of our wine, you can find selections by Suriol and Domaine L’R just to name a few and be sure to check out the wines they have by Sedimentary there as well.

Calgary + Edmonton Tasting

Thanks everyone who came out the tastings last week. We had such a great time in both cities, and Josh and I, along with Erik from Juice Imports, and Maxim from Vino al Vino are super grateful to everyone who gave us a room and gave us a bit of their day.

Of course though, thanks specifically to Clementine, in Edmonton, and Frenchie, in Calgary, for hosting our stupid faces and letting people taste our wines. It was super fun and all of us can’t wait to do it again.

We should also mention that we took a quick stop on the way over to Alberta to see our other friend Eric at Little Grouse on the Prairie in Saskatoon. If you haven’t been there yet you need to check it out. They just hit their one-year anniversary a few days ago and everyone needs to keep going to make sure they get to many many more.

Eric has been wonderful to us this past year and even though we are super annoying has still gone ahead and bought our wines from time to time.

You can go there and buy the Equis from Domaine L’R in Chinon, a wine from one of our favorite Burgundy producer, Domaine Guillot-Broux, and because they have more than a few Italian dishes on the menu . . . you can grab a bottle of 2014 Colombaia from Dante and Helena Lomazzi. See the picture and grab one while supplies last. These wines are so beautiful and it hurts me how precious little supply we have right now. We will fix that as soon as possible…img_4653

Natural Wine Tasting

Super proud to be pouring some wines later this week with our fellow natural wine pushers, Juice Imports and Vino al Vino. For anyone who works in the wine or restaurant industry, we would love to see you come out to either Bar Clementine in Edmonton on Thursday, February 16th or to Calgary at Frenchie Wine Bar on Monday, February 20th.

There will be tons of delicious wines for you to try so take a few moments out of your day to come say hi.


The Saskatchewan Visit w/Assís Suriol

Diner was amazing for those of you who managed to grab a spot last Saturday. Thanks again to Mariana Brito and the rest of the staff for helping us to put this on. It was the last event that we had with Assís, and were so happy to finish off our time with him and his family on such a high note. It was a crazy week of driving and tasting, but things could not have gone better.

We have completely sold out of all the Suriol wines at Art Wolf’s store in Craven now and are placing new orders as I write this. Don’t worry though because there are still some of Assís Suriol’s wines available at the Willow on Wascana.

Before the night at the Backyard, we were super grateful to have dinner with all the members of the wine-club at the Willow that were able to attend. I should mention that without the support of everyone at the Willow on Wascana wine-club a visit from Assís would not even have been possible so Assís and his family, along with Josh and myself, need to say thanks to everyone there.

So to sum up, if you missed out last week on all the events and were hoping to head to Art’s to pick up a bottle for yourself it’s just not going to happen, but thankfully the Willow still has a selection of the Suriol wines on hand right now. Go there and taste for yourself.

From left to right: Can Perixto 2014 (Wineclub wine), Sang de Drac 2013 (Wineclub wine), Blanco 2015, Negre 2013, Els Bancals 2015 (SOLD OUT), Mataro 2015 (SOLD OUT), Cava el Bosc 2013, Cava el Truc 2013, Cava Brut Nature 2013 (Wineclub wine), Cava Rosat 2013 (SOLD OUT), Cava Collita 2001 (SOLD OUT), Suriol Dolç 2010 (SOLD OUT)willow wines*There is a limited supply of the wineclub wines available to the public.